A kart race against Bowser in the spectacular Super Nintendo World TV commercial

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There are a few weeks left before the opening of the spectacular Super Nintendo Worldthe theme park of the Big N, and here the first incredible commercials begin to appear on Japanese TVs.

Shortly before Christmas, Nintendo showed the public for the first time its brand new theme park, Super Nintendo World, dedicated to the world of Mario but not only. Among the various attractions of reference we find, for example, also references to Pikmin, to highlight that the park is a gigantic collection dedicated to the Nintendo universe.

The opening date is practically imminent: Miyamoto, in the presentation that you can recover here, has in fact announced that Super Nintendo World will open its doors on February 4, 2021which means that there is an exact month (or almost) left before opening.

So, on Japanese TVs, Nintendo has started showing its fans what they can expect in the amusement park, and today we report a truly surprising spot.

The spot is dedicated to one of the most curious attractions of the entire park, that of virtual race on board of karts in Super Nintendo World – obviously referring to the Mario Kart series. The video, which you can see below, immerses us for the first time inside the attraction, which will allow park-goers to enter a real-world kart and compete within a virtual circuit, all while also colliding with Mario’s fearsome nemesis, Bowser. You can use weapons, drift and much more, just as if you were inside Mario Kart.

Below is the amazing TV ad. What do you think?

Before leaving, we also remind you that Super Nintendo World will not stop in Japan. In fact, during the December Direct it was confirmed that the company is already preparing twin parks in Florida, California and Singapore, which will open in the coming years.

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