A leak also reveals the technical specifications of the Xbox Series S

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The specifications of Xbox Series S they would have been leaked a few minutes ago through a trailer, which tells us that the console will have a 512GB SSDwill be able to run games a 1440p until 120fps and will support the ray tracing.

After a series of rumors, Microsoft made official the prices of Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S just this morning. I leave you below the tweet containing the trailer.

The Xbox Series S specs:

  • 512GB SSD
  • Ray tracing
  • 1440p, up to 120fps
  • Fully digital
  • Very low latency
  • Upscaling of titles to 4K
  • Media playback in 4K
  • Variable refresh rate
  • Variable rate shading

The trailer also shows us that the console will be the 60% smaller compared to Xbox Series X, and explains that the SSD of Xbox Series S will use the same technology and will have the same structure as that of the older sister. We look forward to further news.

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