A leak reveals PlayStation Plus Video Pass, Sony’s brand new service!

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Sony’s official Polish site lets it slip PlayStation Plus Video Passa new service in the pipeline for the Japanese company.

The era of services is now also largely part of the world of video games, and Sony certainly cannot stand by and watch. With Microsoft continuing to dominate with its Xbox Game Pass, the Rising Sun company is looking for new ways to promote PlayStation Now, interesting but not as exploited as its direct competitor, but above all PlayStation Plus, a service that has been raising the bar in recent months. quality bar to meet the demands of the players.

The service, for the uninitiated, is necessary on PS4 and PS5 to be able to play many video games online, and also offers subscribers some titles every month without further payments. In this regard, the announcement of the free games of May 2021 will arrive in the course of next week, but there are already some speculations on the possible list.

A new strategy for Sony, however, could be to expand in other directions as well, and here is a leak reveals the brand new service.

As noted by VGC, Sony’s Polish official website shared a landing page for PlayStation Plus Video Passdefined as “A new benefit available for a limited time on PlayStation Plus. PS Plus Video Pass is a trial service active from 22.04.21 to 22.04.22. The subscription benefit is available for PS Plus users in Poland “. As April 21 is today, it’s unclear whether this ad was posted prematurely or not, but it was quickly removed. The announcement, at this point, could already arrive in a few hours.

The web page, of which VGC also took a screenshot that you can find in the source, mentioned that the service was specific to Poland, but this may not mean anything in particular – the page, moreover, was displayed on the division’s website PlayStation Polish.

On the page it was possible to see the posters of some films such as Venom, Zombieland: Double Tap And Blood Shot. These are films produced by Sony, and here the interesting assumption arises: PS Plus subscribers could very soon have a catalog of films made by the company available, an offer that would undoubtedly enrich the potential of the popular service for players.

Curiously, the leak of PS Plus Video Pass comes a few days after the colossal agreement with Netflixwith the streaming platform boasting an 18-month exclusive on all Sony movies including Jumanji, Uncharted And Spider-Man. We told you about it here.

It is unclear if this will be released worldwide, exclusive to Poland or otherwise. In the next few hours, clarifications or official announcements could arrive from Sony itself.

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