A player has finished Dark Souls Remastered without taking any damage and using only their feet

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We know, gamers are capable of truly out of the ordinary feats. This is the example of Italian Marco AKA Markish who finished Dark Souls Remastered without taking damage and using only his feet.

This is an impressive result when you consider the difficulty of the From Software game despite having your hands firmly on the pad. In detail the good Markish used a Xbox 360 controllers which is probably the most suitable for playing with your feet.

The impressive thing is that during the live Twitch (which you find at the bottom of the article) the boy shows extreme calm, speaking and gesturing with his hands. This undoubtedly demonstrates the great preparation of the player, who seems to have sifted through every detail of the game before undertaking this feat.

Before concluding, we remind you that, in these days, another player has managed to complete Mortal Shell without suffering damage and without wearing any casing (here the deepening).

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