A small Japanese team finished development of their PS1 game after 22 years!

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Here is the story that moved the web. No, maybe that’s exaggeration, but we’re sure this strange news will make more than a nostalgic old-time gamer smile.

What we present to you today, and which has emerged in the last few hours, is a really curious storyand which begins 22 years ago on what was the first console in PlayStation history, the unforgettable PS1.

In 1998 a small team of Japanese developers called Kaiga spent eight months working on a game called Magic Castlealso making a video presentation which they sent to seven major publishers including Sony.

The 8 months of development of Magic Castle, in reality, brought the game nowhere: planned for PS1, with Sony having convinced itself to give the small development team a chance (but then moved them to something else), the game was never finished. At least until today.

One of the original team members, PIROWOfound the Magic Castle source code in March 2020, and over the past 9 months has devoted some of his time to a seemingly desperate undertaking: complete game development.

Thanks to his work and that of other diehard fans who have wanted to help PIROWO, Magic Castle has now become a reality. The game will obviously not be published for PS1 (we do not exclude however some particular vintage edition, in case the game should be of particular interest), but Magic Castle can be played today thanks to emulators on PC. 22 years later, Magic Castle did something that Rockstar Games Agent (have you read the absurd story of him?) Was unable to do: see the light of the sun.

As you can see from the video below, the same one that the team sent to Sony in 1998, Magic Castle is a captivating-looking video game, with a particular isometric view and structured on the basis of intricate dungeons to explore.

If you are intrigued by the game, you can download it (for free, of course) by clicking here .

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