A stunning new Warzone record: 162 kills in a single game!

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We are used to reporting the greats record on video games, but today’s one on Call of Duty: Warzone it is truly incredible and, perhaps, unbeatable.

With the frenetic pace of Call of Duty: Warzone Compared to other battle royale titles, kill races have become the most popular format of competitive play, especially when it comes to streamers on YouTube and Twitch. The incredible new record on Warzone comes from the world of streaming broadcasts, which will most likely remain undefeated for a long time – if not forever.

The streamer Aydan already holds several Warzone world records. Today adds a new milestone to his already rich Warzone résumé, with his team having beaten the world record in Quartet mode of Activision’s battle royale.

On March 5, the team made up of Aydan, ScummN, Newbz And Almond smashed the previous world record of 143 kills, making a total of ben 162 kills in a single game in Call of Duty: Warzone Quartets. On Twitter, the streamer posted the clip of the incredible record, further stating that he believes it will never be beaten.

What is surprising is obviously the tenacity and determination of the team, which thanks to its strategy has managed to reach the impressive number of kills. Which, indeed, could have been even higher.

With 161 kills obtained, and only one player left, the team decided to opt for a particular strategy: the players left over $ 25,000 next to the purchase station, in the hope that the last opponent could collect them to allow his teammates to return to the game – on Warzone, for those who do not know, it is possible to request the respawn of teammates by paying a certain amount at the in-game retailers.

Unfortunately, the strategy did not work well, and the opponent did not recall his teammates. Not bad, because eliminating it permanently, Aydan and his team hit 162 kills at the end of the game.

If you are interested, you can see the last moments of the game in the clip that we leave you below.

What do you think of this incredible Warzone record?

Aydan clip from Twitch

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