A ten-year study shows that there is no link between GTA and aggression

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The series has always been at the center of great debates Grand Theft Auto has been accused over and over again of promoting violence and aggression, leading to having extremely negative influences on the mind especially the younger ones. A study that has dealt with the matter for 10 years has instead shown that there is no correlationexonerating Rockstar Games.

A study, published by Cyberpsychology, Behavior and Social Networking, this question was posed as the object of his research: there is a link between GTA and the aggression of the youngest, heralded from the rooftops by more people in the past? Just think of the wave of controversy that hit the last game in the Rockstar Games series between 2013 and 2014, accused of promote murder, prostitution, violence and whoever has more, the more he puts. Attacks on video games are almost the order of the day, and we also have examples in our part: perhaps you remember the politician Carlo Calenda, who a couple of years ago indulged in not very nice considerations towards video games.

This study, which lasted 10 years and whose results have recently been published, not found evidence showing a significant link between children who play violent video games and those who experience greater aggression in adolescence.

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After a focus group of 500 participants with an average age of 14, the researchers measured the impact you play as Grand Theft Auto have had on the participants over time. Those who played violent games for many hours did not see a noticeable increase in aggression as teenagers compared to those who played for fewer hours. Instead, the researchers say some of the children may have used games as a way to cope with feelings of anxiety.

Study participants were given questionnaires to fill out to analyze levels of aggression. According to the study, three groups emerged: Group 1 played more aggressive games as children, gradually reducing the hours on these games as they grew up; group 2 played a moderate amount at a young age, which increased with age; finally, group 3 started practically without using aggressive games, however greatly increasing the amount of time spent on them over time. The results showed no differences between groups 1 and 3, while group 2 appeared to show the highest level of aggression.

This is a further study that proves once again that the impact of violent video games on players is not as devastating as some self-styled experts would have you believe. This particular study is noteworthy, however, given the amount of time it was conducted. It is difficult to measure the long-term impact in a traditional study, but this provides a deeper understanding.

Of course, some participants may have been not very honest, after all we cannot guarantee total transparency as everyone thinks with their own mind. That said, the study’s duration of over 10 years and the number of participants involved makes this research very reliable, and the results are as accurate as possible.

For a long time treated as a scapegoat for crimes and social problems, video games are once again taking a good revenge, although we do not exclude that not even this study can change their minds to the most stubborn and closed minds that occasionally do. they vent against the medium.

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