Abandoned – Many clues suggest it is actually Kojima’s Silent Hill!

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Unveiled on April 7th with a cryptic teaser trailer, which you can see below, Abandoned it’s a new one PS5 exclusive developed by Blue Box Studios.

Although it is a small software house that you have probably never heard of before, the teaser has caused considerable discussion, both for what is shown and because Sony itself seems willing to give great space to this title.

The reason is soon said, and the theories around the game are growing by the hour: Abandoned it could be the famous Silent Hill developed by Hideo Kojima.

On June 15, on Twitter, Blue Box announced that on the 20th of the same month we will discover some will be the real title of Abandoned, with a cryptic message in which it states that this title will begin with the letter S and will end with the L.

Naturally there is no certainty that the game is indeed the much-rumored new Silent Hill, which Sony would be making in collaboration with Konami. However, this isn’t the only clue that got fans thinking, who went deeper and found out a series of “coincidences”at the moment no more than this, really impressive.

Everything surrounding Blue Box Game Studios and Abandoned, in fact, it seems to refer not only to Silent Hill but also to Hideo Kojima, the brilliant Japanese designer, creator of series such as Metal Gear Solid and Zone of the Enders. Let’s take a quick rundown of everything that has been uncovered in the last few days – and some clues may leave you speechless:

  • Blue Box Game Studios, on Linkedin, has no employees. Or in any case, the photos of his employees are stock photographs, which therefore do not refer to “real people”
  • Blue Box is a name that is used to designate telephone scams
  • Blue Box has worked on some projects, many of which have been canceled. One was called Lost Tapesexactly the same name as one of the OSTs from Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain
  • Blue Box is headquartered in the Netherlands, and the Dutch flag was spotted in the recent trailer for Death Stranding Director’s Cut, the expanded version of Kojima’s game that will be released on PS5.
  • The (alleged) director of Blue Box Game Studios is called Hasan Kahraman. The initials are HK, coincidentally the same as Hideo Kojima. The curiosities do not end there: Kahraman, in Turkish, in fact translates as Hideo.
  • Speaking of Kojima, in a recent tweet he used the words Silent and Hill
  • Konami, incidentally, is preparing to put new Silent Hill merchandise on sale on its store
  • Returning to Kahraman, his profile on PlayStation Network was found, which counts 1238 trophies obtained. Who cares, you will say, but no. The Japanese commercial for Silent Hill 4: The Room, released in 2016, reports exactly that number (seeing is believing)
  • Speaking of Kahraman, there is also a YouTube channel, called Twentyseven27. Silent Hills was canceled on April 27 …
  • The Blue Box Game Studios logo is practically identical to that of PlayStation Studios, and there are those who claim that the same name, Blue Box, is a reference to the “blue box” that is PlayStation
  • The banner of the Blue Box YouTube channel, which hasn’t even uploaded the Abandoned teaser, is a photo of several hills (hillsin English)
  • In the teaser of Abandonedfurthermore, at 0:49 the letters P and T appear in the middle of the trees, and they are the only ones that are then hidden. A useless detail? Maybe not: PT was the name of the Playable Teaser of Silent Hills, the unreleased game by Kojima and Konami
  • There also seem to be several references to Death Stranding. Blue Box’s initials, BB, are the same as the baby Sam Porter Bridges uses to detect CAs; the software house has also published only one game, called The Whisperer, whose icon is a black hand, which is seen as another reference to Death Stranding

It is possible that more clues will be uncovered in the next few hours, but what you have just read is quite disconcerting, and there are many, including the authoritative Jason Schreier of Bloombergthat Blue Box is just a giant troll set up by PlayStation and Kojima to present to the world the return of Silent Hill, with a marketing operation to remember. It would not even be the first time that the good Kojima is lavish in actions of this type: for the announcement of MGS V a fake Swedish software house was used, while the nonexistent 7780s Studios was attributed to PT.

We just have to wait a few hours to find out if the world of the web has actually eaten the leaf, or if it all turns out to be a big disappointment for many. In the first case, a moment dreamed of by millions of gamers would be closer and closer: the return of Silent Hill to our screens.

Here are all the possible hints that Blue Box Game Studios is related to Kojima and Silent Hill. from GamingLeaksAndRumours

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