Abandoned – The real Hasan Kahraman has shown himself, but for Jason Schreier the doubts continue

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It has been the most talked about case of the last few days, and will probably continue to be so until June 25, the day when the official app will be launched: Abandoned is the new game of Hideo Kojima? Blue Box Game Studios is it a gigantic troll created by the Japanese designer?

The answer to both questions, in light of what emerged in the night, seems to be a sharp no, even if the doubts continue.

After web detectives scrambled last weekend to search for new clues and details about Abandoned, influential Jason Schreier took it straight to the action. The reporter from Bloomberg in fact he declared a few hours ago that he had interviewed his own Hasan Kahramanhead of Blue Box Game Studios, who also showed himself for the first time on Twitter in a short video in which, once again, he reaffirms his identity and that he has nothing to do with the creator of Metal Gear Solid .

The question had also been taken up shortly before by the same official profile of the study, which released a brief note:

We wanted to respond to the rumors one last time. We are a small independent studio with real people. Working on a passionate game. We want to do a question and answer livestream where you can ask all your questions to clear up any confusion and rumors. We just want to set expectations.

Closed chapter? But when ever, and it is Schreier himself who is not 100% convinced of his interview.

As we said, the reporter from Bloomberg got to interview Kahraman, coming, at least apparently, to the conclusion that he is really an independent developer who has nothing to do with Hideo Kojima – the coincidences and clues of the last few days, however, seemed to affirm the exact opposite.

Despite the interview, however, it is Schreier himself who still has many doubts about Abandoned and the nature of Blue Box Game Studios, thus suggesting that Hideo Kojima may still be behind the mysterious game. The journalist, on his Twitter profile, shared his legitimate doubts, which continue to make us reflect and think. After talking to Kahraman, In fact, Schreier still knows little or nothing about Blue Boxthey have not been given details regarding the agreement with Sony – a very important agreement, since the presence of a dedicated app on the PS Store is not a trivial matter – and he does not understand how a small indie studio, like the same software house has defined itself, may have planned a game with this graphics sector, with 4K resolution and 60fps, and whose presentation seems to be about to take place with great fanfare.

In short, the Abandoned case is far from closed. In any case, we invite you not to exaggerate with expectations, as being disappointed could destroy what seems to be an interesting project anyway.

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