Abandoned, what happens? Technical issues and postponed reveal (again)

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Is this the new Silent Hill? Is it a surprise Metal Gear? Is it a completely new game? To answer all these questions, players eager to understand what the hell it was Abandoned of Blue Box Game Studios connected on PS5 at 21:00 last night, when the official reveal of the game was expected through the app available on the PS Store.

Reveal which, as you can guess from the title, never happened.

The Realtime Experience app by Abandonedwhich should have been updated yesterday at 21:00 after a reveal postponed by more than a month (initially it was scheduled for June), went substantially haywire at the same time, with the developers who through Twitter announced that they had technical problems for the publication of the update.

Almost 12 hours later, at the time of writing this news, there are still no particular explanations or updates to report, if not the tweets of the software house of Hasan Kahraman who apologize for the inconvenience.

Given the initial technical problems, Blue Box had also shared a very short animated teaser on Twitter, which you can find below. This is probably an excerpt from the Realtime Experience, but we couldn’t see it live in action.

Waiting to see what really awaits us from the app Abandonedwhich we remind you is not the official title of the game, speculations continue.

While conspiracy theorists continue to believe that the game is actually a giant marketing operation by Konami to announce the return of one of its best-known series, there are those who are beginning to believe that the same technical problems of the app are a promotional gimmick. A user, replying to the developers on Twitter, expressed doubts as to whether the app update has really gone into problems, as the updates are sent much earlier by the programmers to Sony which then plans its release.

Another plot to unravel? Is Abandoned really the secret child of Konami and Kojima’s out-of-wedlock relationship? My dear Watsons, the dilemma continues …

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