Abandoned, what happens? The presentation again postponed for more than a month

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Today, June 25th, was a particularly awaited day by the community that is following the case of Abandoned, the mysterious horror game from Blue Box Game Studios whose reveal was expected just for today. The past tense was not used casually, because the reveal was, once again, postponed.

Hasan Kahramanthe founder (?) of Blue Box Game Studios, has published an update on the Twitter page of the software house, in which he announces that despite good intentions, the team was forced to postpone the release of the Abandoned app on PS5 to August, without indicating a new date.

In recent days, Blue Box had in fact declared that Abandoned was not the official title of the game, and that in reality the title would have been revealed through the publication of a particular app for the PlayStation 5 dedicated to the game.

The very peculiar nature of the announcement, together with a series of bizarre coincidences, cast doubt on the real nature of Abandoned and Hasan Kahramanwhich is seen by many as a massive troll marketing move implemented by Hideo Kojima to showcase his new video game, something that the legendary Japanese designer has already done on the occasion of the announcement of Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain.

In any case, since there is still nothing confirmed other than the official position of the study (Kahraman was also interviewed by Schreier, but the reporter said he still has many doubts), we will have to wait several weeks to see in action Abandoned and understand if Hideo Kojima is really behind the mysterious game.

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