Activision bans another 60,000 users from Warzone and introduces new anti-cheat systems

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Activision writes a new chapter of his personal war on cheatersheralding a major new wave of bans Call of Duty: Warzone.

In recent days there has been a lot of talk about Activision’s battle royale cheaters, a serious problem that is convincing some well-known streamers and youtubers to abandon the game. The American giant, however, takes to the track again, in an attempt to stem the problem.

Activision claimed that over 60,000 accounts were banned from Warzone this weekgiven that it adds to the bans already applied previously, bringing the number of players banned from the battle royale to 300 thousand since its release in March 2020.

Activision’s blog post also provides updates on the status of Call of Duty: Warzone, and promises to change some features.

One of the harshest criticisms from the community was for example the lack of an open line of communication from Raven Software and Activision on anti-cheat tools and updates. Activision promises to address this issue in the future with monthly or even weekly updates, depending on whether the situation calls for it.

For Warzone communications, the Warzone development team at Raven Software will take the initiative to share updates in the future. We will provide monthly updates as a minimum and, when possible, weekly updates to the community.

Among the measures already taken since the launch of the game for fight hackers and cheaters in Call of Duty: WarzoneActivision also remembers the improved in-game reporting mechanisms, the addition of two-factor authentication, the elimination of numerous unauthorized third-party software vendors, and most importantly the increase in personnel and resources for development i software and data monitoring to stop cheaters.

The American giant, however, does not intend to stop, and has already given a taste of what Warzone awaits in the next period. Activision intends to improve and add many more systems to find and stop the cheaters, including:

  • Internal anti-cheat software improvements
  • Additional sensing technology
  • Adding new resources dedicated to monitoring and enforcement
  • Regular updates of the progress report; more two-way dialogue
  • Zero tolerance for cheat providers
  • Consistent and timely bans

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