Activision Blizzard case, nearly 1000 employees take sides against the company

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It is quite sensational what is happening in these hours ad Activision Blizzard, with the company at the center of a massive series of workplace toxicity charges. Employees today openly take sides against the company after its recent statements.

The new letter, which was sent to published by Jason Schreier of Bloombergwas circulated a few hours ago after a turbulent week for the American giant behind franchises such as World of Warcraft and Call of Duty, which in recent days has also been abandoned by numerous international newspapers openly deciding to boycott the company.

To get an idea of ​​everything that has been talked about, we invite you to read our report here, or to listen to our video dating back to Sunday. Activision Blizzard, in reference to these allegations, responded days ago stating that they are old stories and slanders, even wrong in some cases.

Activision Blizzard’s response, however, has brought more damage than anything else to the company, even within it.

Nearly 1,000 current and former employees of the company, most notably its Irvine, California-based subsidiary Blizzard Entertainment, have spoken out on social media in support of the lawsuit’s claims and shared their allegations of discrimination, signing a letter in which they express all their concerns and lack of trust in Activision Blizzard. Internally, Blizzard employees have become angry and dismiss what they consider legitimate grievances against the company’s culture, according to employees who asked not to be identified.

“Our company executives have said that action will be taken to protect us, but in the face of legal action – and the troubling official responses that followed – we no longer have confidence that our leaders will put employee safety above. of their interests “says the letter. “To say that this is a ‘truly meritorious and irresponsible lawsuit’, while you see so many current and former employees talking about their experiences with harassment and abuse, is simply unacceptable.”

Here are some excerpts from the letter:

We the undersigned agree that the statements by Activision Blizzard, Inc. and their legal counsel regarding the DFEH case, as well as Frances Townsend’s subsequent internal statement, are repugnant and offensive to all that we believe our company should stand for. To put it plainly and unambiguously, our values ​​as employees are not accurately reflected in the words and actions of our leadership.

It’s still:

We ask for official statements that recognize the gravity of these allegations and show compassion for the victims of harassment and assault. We ask Frances Townsend to keep her word to step down as executive sponsor of ABK’s dependent women network due to the harmful nature of her statement. We ask the executive management team to work with us on significant new efforts that ensure employees, as well as our community, have a safe place to speak up and come forward.

In short, the story does not end there, and for Activision Blizzard this will be a big deal.

Already in recent days, following the accusations, sector journalists have highlighted the unusual lack of continuous activity on many social profiles of the American company’s franchises, which is very suspicious. Behind these choices, perhaps, there could be a sort of internal boycott by the same employees who have declared themselves against the recent policies of the company.

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