Activision Blizzard scandal – Tomorrow protest in front of offices, social silence continues

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As was to be expected, the case Activision Blizzard continue to hold the ground, and tomorrow we will see a mass mobilization by employees to protest.

For several days, the American giant has ended up at the center of a heavy series of accusations brought by the state of California. Among the documents of the filed case, there is talk of a very toxic work environment especially in Blizzard, but not only. The custodians of the document have in fact spoken openly about sexual harassmentand even a suicide by a female employee after being abused by a superior.

The issue continues to hold sway, and it was Activision Blizzard itself that threw further fuel on the fire.

Shortly after the news of the lawsuit, in fact, the American company has strongly denied the accusations, labeling them as lies and untruths that have distorted the reality of the facts. You can read part of the answer on this page.

An answer that, however, as we have said, has done nothing but prove further controversy. Yesterday evening, as many as 1000 employees between current and former Activision Blizzard developers signed a long letter in which they are strongly unhappy with how the company is handling the situation, and that trust in the leaders has failed.

While the number of international newspapers that intend boycott Activision Blizzard titles continues to grow, as well as the teams of professional players who are lining up for the victims and demanding respect for all workers, the employees of the American giant will take action tomorrow.

As it points out CharlieIntelin fact, tomorrow, July 28, Activision Blizzard employees will march in front of the Blizzard headquarters offices in Irvine, in protest against recent statements.

Breaking: Activision Blizzard employees will march tomorrow, July 28, in front of Blizzard’s headquarters in Irvine, California, to protest the company’s executive response to the harassment lawsuit.

The group of employees who organized this event also listed their requests to the company executives, in a letter shared by The Verge:

  • End of forced arbitration clauses in all employment contracts
  • New hiring and promotion processes to increase representation across the company. Employees claim that “Current practices have led women, particularly women of color and transgender women, non-binary people and other marginalized groups who are vulnerable to gender discrimination, not to be hired fairly for new roles than men” .
  • Ask for the publication of salaries and promotion information “For employees of all genders and ethnicities of the company”.
  • Enable a diversity, equity and inclusion task force to hire a third party organization to control the executive team. “It is imperative to identify how current systems have failed to prevent employee harassment and propose new solutions to address these problems”employees said.

In the meantime, the social silence of the profiles of the company and its franchises, such as World of Warcraft and Crash Bandicoot, continues. The Twitter profile of call of Dutyfor example, is in total silence for almost a weeka more unique than rare fact.

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