Activision is developing a new Call of Duty for mobile

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Apparently, the exorbitant success of Call of Duty: Mobile wasn’t enough for Activisionwhich is once again targeting the smartphone and tablet market to once again promote its flagship franchise.

A long list of new open positions on the Activision Careers website it indicates that the American giant is working on a new mobile game in the Call of Duty series. According to the listings, the game is developed by Activision Mobilea “New internal studio, dedicated to the development of the best AAA mobile games in the world”.

This is the first confirmation of the arrival of a new title Call of Duty mobileas well as the news of the birth of Activision Mobile. “We are incredibly excited to form our teams and get to work and invite you to join us to create something special”continues the official site.

The firm is currently hiring for a variety of positions, including engine programmer, graphic engineer, user interface engineer and product manager. Judging by the positions still open, it seems that Activision Mobile is a newly born studio still under construction.

This means, in a nutshell, that the new Call of Duty destined for the mobile world will almost certainly be waiting for a while – at least a year, if not even more.

Either way, Call of Duty: Mobile, made in partnership with Tencent, is still one of Activision’s most profitable titles. According to the data, the game was downloaded over 500 million times since launch in October 2019. Of course, all of these downloads generate a huge amount of revenue. From in-game transactions, the Call of Duty free-to-play title has earned Activision over $ 1 billion since its launch.

According to some rumors, moreover, Activision is planning to combine more and more Call of Duty: Mobile and the battle royale Warzone, so much so that the insiders have stated several times in the past that the Verdansk map has already been tested within the game for its future inclusion.

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