Activision promises amazing new content for Call of Duty: Warzone in the coming seasons

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It is now clear that Activision has decided to exploit more and more Call of Duty: Warzonejust think of the reveal of Black Ops Cold War which took place last year right within the battle royale.

In a recent interview with Inverse, Activision’s Chief Revenue Officer, Brandon Snowwhets the appetite of Warzone players and Call of Duty fans alike, stating that over the next few seasons, a few have already been planned amazing new features that have never been seen before on the game.

This is not new, of course. In the past, Activision had claimed to now see Warzone as a flagship product of the Call of Duty franchise, which it will go on for years and which will be integrated several times with all future games in the series.

Without going into detail, Snow reiterates that Activision’s plans for Warzone are great, and that players can expect some incredible news:

Over the next few seasons, you’ll see some really cool new things that Warzone has never done before. It will be really exciting and done in full Call of Duty style.

Snow spoke in the interview of the 80s and Cold War theme, Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War setting. Treyarch’s game has already “joined forces” with Warzone, thanks to the implementation of operators and weapons – and Rebirth Island, let’s not forget. Apparently, however, that’s not all, and indeed, according to his words, the bulk of the union between the two games is yet to come.

Only Warzone could do the things we have planned in the coming seasons. Call of Duty: 1980s identity and theme offer tons of opportunities for innovative content.

The reference could be about the now famous new Warzone map, which according to rumors will be launched in April with Season 3 and which will be entirely Black Ops themed. In fact, a setting of this type would be in line with what Snow said.

Speaking of a possible rivalry with Epic Games, Snow then reiterated that Fortnite is not a competitor, and that Warzone can boast exclusive features. Among these there are obviously the zombies, the ones that have been a trademark of the COD franchise for years and that recently are invading more and more the Verdansk area:

We don’t consider Fortnite as a competitor. We are really focused on making Warzone the best it can be. Only Warzone could do zombies the way we do them.

The interview then ends with a thought about the world of esports, which Warzone will soon enter with arrogance. For now, however, the speech is postponed, and Activision will talk about it more in depth in the coming weeks.

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