Age of Empires IV comes out in the fall, here’s the first gameplay

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Microsoft today held a special event dedicated to the future news of Age of Empires, during which there was also talk of Age of Empires IV.

The development team of the new chapter of the historic RTS saga has not only shown the gameplay trailer of the game, which you can see below, but has also announced that Age of Empires IV will launch in the fall.

From the gameplay it can be clearly seen how the developers have tried to reproduce the classic style of the most popular chapter, Age of Empires II, but not without introducing some new features. “We knew we wanted to make a modern version of Age, but we also wanted to make a game that looked like Age of Empires and was immediately traceable to the central community.”game director Quinn Duffy said.

With the event, the first highly anticipated gameplay details also arrive. The development team plans to launch 8 civilizations within the game, many of which are part of Europe and Asia – the game, we remind you, will be set in the medieval period of human history. There will be 4 historical campaigns that will retrace the history of some important civilizations, and considerable importance will also be given to naval combat.

The developers said that in the coming months we will certainly know more of this Age of Empires IV, an extremely important project in which the team has poured maniacal care. Creative director Adam Isgreen, for example, said the units of each civilization will speak their language, greatly increasing the depth of the experience.

Below you can also retrieve the entire Age of Empires: Fan Preview event in Italian.

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