Age of Empires, Tencent announces a mobile chapter called Return to Empire

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Microsoft’s efforts to revive the IP Of Age of Empireswhich in recent years has returned to our screens on several occasions, also continue through the mobile world.

In fact, Tencent recently announced, through Niko Partners senior analyst Daniel Ahmad on Twitter, that TiMi Studios, a studio that has already dealt with Call of Duty Mobile and Pokemon Unite in the past, is working with Microsoft and World’s Edge (supervisors of Age of Empires) on a new game in the series for mobile devices.

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The name of the game is Return to Empire, and is currently planned to be exclusive to the Chinese market. We do not know when, but especially if it will arrive in the western market.

A demo of the game, according to what was reported by the analyst, will be available starting tomorrow, August 14th.

The news is not surprising given the already announced collaboration between Microsoft and Tencent.

Furthermore, the American giant has for some years started a rich return to the scene for the Age of Empires series, which will culminate with the launch of the fourth episode in a few weeks.

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