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[NEWS ORIGINALE] Xbox Live Gold at the center of new rumors, this time clearly contrary to those of last summer: if in 2020 the rumors suggested that the service was about to disappear, the new rumors speak instead of a price increase.

Service Xbox Live Gold on Xbox One, Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S could experience a huge price increase. This is the indiscretion that comes from Reddit, and more precisely from a user who has spotted a piece increase in the subscription in a store.

Right now, Xbox players have three options when they want to buy Xbox Live Gold: one month for $ 10, three months for $ 25 and 6 months for $ 40. Microsoft was offering a 12-month subscription for $ 60, but last year the annual option was abruptly scrapped, even though the Redmond giant never explained why.

With this move, the rival service, PlayStation Plus, has become more affordable, with a one-year subscription offered for just $ 60. The divide between Plus and Gold, it seems, is about to widen even more.

Up Reddit a user shared a new image of a 6-month Xbox Live Gold subscription coupon sold for $ 60. In other words, a 6-month Xbox Live Gold membership that costs $ 20 more than the current rate.

Are we sure? At the moment, of course not, but the testimony is not the only one. A misprint on these coupons, or indeed Microsoft is going to raise the cost of Xbox Live Gold?

If true, that would be a huge increase (from an annual subscription of $ 60 to a cost of $ 120 for the same period), which will certainly be received with consumer criticism, although the move might make sense. for Microsoft’s policies: Xbox Game Pass Ultimate is the subscription including Game Pass and Gold services, and Redmond could at this point play it all out and push users to switch to this type of offer.

Gold is going up in price? from xboxone

[AGGIORNAMENTO] A few hours after the reports, the official announcement from Microsoft also arrived, which has tweaked the cost of Xbox Live Gold memberships.

In particular, Microsoft has adopted a particular strategy. The Xbox Live Gold monthly subscription price has been increased by $ 1, while the quarterly subscription price has been increased by $ 5. The 6-month subscription to the service also had a major increase ($ 20, rising to $ 60 in total), but via Xbox Wire the company specified that “If you are an existing online 12 or 6 month Xbox Live Gold subscriber, there are no price changes. If you choose to renew your membership, it will renew at the current price. “

The new Xbox Live Gold pricing is as follows:

  • Xbox Live Gold 1 month subscription: $ 10.99
  • Xbox Live Gold 3 month subscription: $ 29.99
  • Xbox Live Gold 6 month subscription: $ 59.99

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