All operator balances in the latest Rainbow Six Siege patch

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The new patch for Rainbow Six Siege which, as usual, balances the operators during the current season. We are obviously talking about the patch A6S1.3. Let’s go straight to see who has been tweaked in this update.

Before leaving, the so-called “ELO Glitch”Which allowed players to exit and re-enter ranked matches to increase the points earned at the end of the game in case of victory. But let’s talk about operators now, because there have been important changes:

ACE: Smoke grenades replaced by claymore, his gadget, the SELMA is now able to breach Mira’s glass from the outside.

JACKAL: C7E magazine capacity reduced to 25 + 1 shells, from 30 + 1, and damage reduced from 46 to 42

JÄGER: 416-C magazine capacity reduced to 25 + 1, down from 30 + 1, and increased vertical recoil

TACHANKA: For her Shumika Launcher, magazine capacity increased to 7, from 5, duration of fire increased to 7 seconds, from 5, detonation time reduced to 0.75 seconds, from 1, firing area radius increased to 1.9 meters , from 1.7, projectile drop initiation distance increased to 20 meters from 8, projectile speed increased to 30, from 20. For his DP27, equip time reduced to 0.65 seconds, from 0.9, removal reduced to 0.3 seconds, from 0.42.

THERMITE: Claymore replaced with smoke grenades

Additionally, Attacker Sniper Rifles will have access to 1.5x, 2x and 2.5x scopes but no longer 1x.

These are really decisive changes, especially in the case of Jager, who is nerfed to reduce his monstrous pick rate, which has risen to over 95%. The changes aimed at the two breachers are aimed at favoring the introduction of variations in the offensive rosters where the net presence of Ace prevails. Tachanka wants to be made even more lethal than when it was designed. What do you think ?

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