All true: Pac-Man’s battle royale arrives, available tomorrow on Switch

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It’s all true: Nintendo has announced a new battle royale style Pac-Man game for Switch called Pac-Man 99.

The game will be available for download tomorrow, and just like Tetris 99 and the now-closed Super Mario Bros. 35, it’s available exclusively to Switch Online subscribers.

Pac-Man 99 It has many similarities with the aforementioned Tetris 99, and is a 99-player version of the classic arcade game. Each player races to be the last Pac-Man left as he navigates a maze and avoids the ghosts that chase him. All ghosts a player defeats are sent to other players’ screens as “Jammer Pac-Man”. Encountering one of these will reduce the player’s movement speed, making them more vulnerable.

Another new feature of Pac-Man 99, clearly visible in the announcement trailer you see below, is that of Sleeping Ghosts. Chewing on these particular ghosts will multiply them to form a “ghost train”, and you can then chew them in one go after grabbing a Power Pellet.

Some paid DLC packages have already been announced for Pac-Man 99, dedicated to other historical titles of Bandai Namco such as Galaga and Dig Dug. A DLC also adds a special offline mode.

The presence of the DLC suggests that Pac-Man 99 will not have the sad end of Super Mario Bros. 35, a battle royale for Switch Online created for the 35th anniversary of the Mario franchise and completely removed a few days ago without any possibility of recovery.

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