Also on Animal Crossing: New Horizons we celebrate the 2020 European football championships!

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Since its arrival on Nintendo Switch, Animal Crossing: New Horizonsthe most recent chapter in the long-running series of life simulator developed by Nintendo, has introduced several unique innovations, able to further enrich the gaming experience. Among these, a prominent place is certainly occupied by Terraforming, a feature that allows gamers to radically change the appearance and structure of their virtual islands. In such a particular year, lacking in opportunities to experience larger events and events from the stands, Animal Crossing Lifeone of the main communities of Italian fans of the title, active for over 12 years, has used this game mechanic to create a new Island, dedicated to the most anticipated football event of the year: Euro 2020.

Calciopeathis is the name of the virtual island, has everything you need to experience the exciting matches of the European Football Championships from a new perspective: come on training camps ai locker roomsgive Main stageready to host the highly anticipated matches, at photographic positionswith funny cardboard to immortalize the memories related to Euro 2020, up to Avenue of Nationsan area with stands dedicated to each of the 24 nations who will take part in the event, with objects that represent the particularities of each country.

Added to this is an extra content, also aimed at those who have not yet taken their first steps in the videogame. The island is in fact also accessible through a dedicated website which offers, in addition to a virtual tour of the areas that can be visited, also a kit for the fan to wear in-game, including the game shirt, flag and make-up, useful for supporting the Azzurri and the other teams involved in the final phase of the competition, and why not, to take souvenir photos of an unforgettable event like Euro 2020.

The Nintendo video game sold fastest in Europewith over 7 million copies sold, it once again proves to be a symbol of creativity par excellence, an ideal meeting place for the most diverse sectors and areas, inside and outside the videogame. Animal Crossing: New Horizons marked the debut of the series Animal Crossing on Nintendo Switch and introduced new features such as the creation of objects, new ways of decorating both interiors and exteriors, the exclusive Nook Phone and so much more. As in the previous games of the series, players can undertake many different activities and meet new and old characters, while enjoying in peace the passing of the seasons on the island, which follow in all respects those of real life.

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