Apex Legends – Trailer and date of Season 8, here is the new hero Fuse and other news

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Electronic Arts and Respawn Entertainment have unveiled the first news coming in a few days on Apex Legendswhen will the Season 8. Below, you will also find the announcement trailer of the new seasonal event, which offers us a first look at the new legend.

Respawn announced today that Apex Legends will celebrate its second anniversary with the latest video game update, the Season 8 – Mayhem. Coming February 2, he will introduce the sixteenth Legend, a carefree explosives enthusiast, to the Arena Fuse, and will add the 30-30 repeater, a lever action shotgun. This will rock Kings Canyon with the third update of the iconic map.

To celebrate the upcoming season, a new Frontier Stories trailer showing Fuse and her explosive story has been released by Respawn and you can see it below.

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