Apple is removing the “Sign in with Apple” feature from Epic Games accounts

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We are well aware of the big fight going on between Apple and Epic Games, after problems related to in-game purchases in Fortnite (we explained everything to you here). This war seems to have quite harsh implications, with Apple which, starting fromSeptember 11, 2020it will completely remove the ability to sign in with your Apple account to Epic Games accounts.

This could lead to boredom for those who have always used this feature. On the official Epic Games website, however, a guide has already been released on how update your email and passwordbecause if those who used this feature didn’t do so by 9/11, they could LOSE completely their own progress and the whole account related to Epic Games.

In short, this diatribe does not seem to be able to resolve itself in a peaceful and calm way, so much so that the two giants have now really sided against each other and this could also damage users who exploit both Apple and by Epic Games. We look forward to further news.

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