Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla – Discovery Tour mode announced

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Ubisoft talks about Assassin’s Creed Valhalla and brings to light the data concerning the game, in particular the numbers of activities carried out by users within the game over the months and the fact that the title has recorded record sales since launch compared to all the rest of the game have been disclosed. series.

We then moved on to a summary of the methods introduced with the previous ones DLC and is hinted at big news coming (which of course we will report soon) such as the expansion of theSiege of Parisset for this summer.

The arrival of the mode was then finally announced Discovery Tourmuch loved by the public: it is an exploration within the game world in which we will be able to venture and learn notions about the Viking age and the traditions of that people.

Ubisoft then announced that the support of Valhalla with new content will not stop in 2021, but will continue next year with a sort of Season 2 of the game. In the absence of a new chapter in the series, in fact, the French company has decided to support its action RPG with new DLCs, missions and content also for next year, at the end of which, presumably, it will leave the baton to the next iteration of the franchise. .

Below is the extract from Ubisoft Forward dedicated to BC Valhalla.

More content for the public will arrive over the weeks, we will keep you updated.

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