Atomic Heart – BioShock’s heir will be released at the end of the year, here’s a new trailer

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Orphans of BioShock? We know that 2K is hard at work on a new chapter in the Ken Levine-born franchise, which may be set in Antarctica in the 1960s, but fans of the genre may have their teeth for their teeth later this year.

The software house Mundfish has released a new, splendid trailer of Atomic Heart, immersive sim clearly inspired by BioShock and similar action titles such as Prey which finally also has an exit window.

Atomic Heart will launch on PS5, Xbox Series X | S, PS4, Xbox One and PC by the end of 2022more precisely between September and December.

Unless postponed, therefore, the very interesting action game will be on our screens during the autumn of this year, and the conditions, judging by the new trailer, are very high.

Atomic Heart is set in a alternate reality of 1955, where the Soviet Union already invented advanced and anachronistic technologies for the time such as the Internet, the hologram system and robotics. Needless to say, the robotic heart of automata has gone mad: some robots have become aware and are rebelling, and we will be called upon to investigate this unpleasant situation.

The protagonist will in fact be P-3, a KGB special agent sent from Moscow to investigate the N3826 facility, where things are precipitating.

In the trailer, which also contains gameplay sections, we can clearly see the influence of games like BioShock on the experience of Atomic Heart, which was also chosen by Microsoft to enrich the library of Xbox Game Pass since launch day.

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