Bagarini still in action: 2000 PS5 in the UK finished in a few moments with a bot

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PlayStation 5 continues to remain highly desired, also and above all due to a very low number of units available. If you add to this then also the touts, you will understand that the situation is becoming more and more unbearable for many users.

The coronavirus pandemic continues to affect nearly every industry in America, including the successful sales of the 9th generation of consoles that began in November.

The sales of Xbox Series X And PlayStation 5 they were though plagued by another troubling problem: a mass of touts ready to ruin the party, who have bought more console units than ever and have monopolized the resale market with insane prices. A few days after the launch of the consoles, for example, it was common to find PS5 on sale for over $ 1200.

Touts, or scalpers, is a problem that is hitting Sony and Microsoft hard in these first months of the new generation of video games. Scalpers have taken advantage of the struggle many companies are facing right now to keep PS5 consoles stocked, and continue to buy consoles to sell them at inflated prices.

What are retail sites doing to prevent the proliferation of this phenomenon? Apparently nothing, as the latest looting story shows.

A scalper bot called Carnage has dried up in a few moments 2000 PS5 units from a recent refueling for UK retailer GAME. In addition to the damage, the insult also came, because the Carnage bot used Twitter to brag about the result and mock the disappointed users once again.

Scalpers have already managed to earn millions of dollars in recent months grabbing the consoles, but what is striking today is obviously the cheekiness of the Carnage bot, which on Twitter also explained how it has become even easier, than in the past, to hoard units and “fool” the unsuspecting potential buyers who they intended to take advantage of the new opportunity.

The users on Twitter, in any case, wasted no time, and reported the Twitter profile of the bot in question to GAME, which shortly afterwards set its privacy to “private” to hide the tweets.

We will see how the situation will change, but it is certainly not the first time that such a thing has happened and that retailers find themselves without gaming consoles for sale because of bots. In early December, for example, CrepChiefNotify had managed to buy in seconds 1000 Xbox Series X from UK retailer Very, spoiling the party for many players waiting for the console.

The UK government took steps late last year to combat touts by introducing a ban on accounts using bots. At the moment, however, it seems that the measure has not worked.

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