BattleCat – A leak shows Ubisoft’s new IP inspired by Splinter Cell, The Division and Ghost Recon

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A series of images have been circulating on the net for a few hours which, according to the leaker in question, would portray a new IP from Ubisoft.

It would appear to be BattleCat the title of the new Ubisoft game, plus the leaker Zer0Bytes_ has released a whole series of other information, in fact it seems that BattleCat will be a kind of hybrid project that will bring together the characters of some of the most famous games created by Ubisoft such as Splinter Cell, The Division And Ghost Recon.

According to the images, in fact, the game will be a sort of hero shooter in which the characters of the proposed classes will be taken directly from the aforementioned games. In fact, scrolling through the descriptions it is possible to see the Echelon soldiers by Splinter Cell, i Wolves by Ghost Recon Breakpoint and i Purifiers ei Forsaken of The Division, each with their own peculiarities.

In addition, two of the modes that will be present in the game are briefly described:

  • In the mode Escort the attackers will have to escort a robot package through a series of checkpoints until they reach the delivery area. Meanwhile the defenders will have to obstruct the attackers in every way to prevent the package from being delivered.
  • In the mode Ringleader instead the players will be asked to collect the rings released by the defeated players. The player of each team that has the most rings will become the Leader, and his task will be to stay alive for at least 30 seconds in order to definitively obtain the accumulated rings and add them to the total score of the team. In the meantime, the companions will have to coordinate to protect their Leader from enemy attacks.

This for the moment is all that has been revealed about BattleCatand as usual we invite you to take the leak with due precautions since Ubisoft has not yet formalized the project and the game shown may not represent the finished product.

On the other hand the Ubisoft’s E3 conference will be held in days so further confirmations will not be long in coming.

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