Battlefield 2042 – Everything you need to know about history, modes and specialists

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Immediately after the announcement of Battlefield 2042whose trailer you can find in our article about it, a lot of information about the game and its mechanics has started to run, so in this article we will summarize all the most important news regarding the story, the game modes and the specialists of Battlefield 2042.


As already explained by DICE, and detailed by us in a specific article, Battlefield 2042 will not have one main campaign, however, this will not prevent the developers from telling the story through multiplayer. Furthermore, the first details on the plot were also provided:

In the year 2042, man-made intensive pollution triggered a series of natural disasters that in a short time wiped out entire nations and cracked the already precarious world economy. For this reason the No-Pats, that is, the millions of people who have been left homeless, have gathered in large communities in search of new land to occupy. Among the No-Pats there are also many soldiers who, given the disastrous situation and the imminent conflict, have been enlisted as mercenaries by America and Russia, the two superpowers that started the war.


The gameplay of Battlefield 2042 will be officially unveiled in an event to be held on 13 June, however some information has already been released about the modes that will be present in this new chapter.

At launch, the game will include three multiplayer modes, two of which have already been revealed:

  • The first is Total wara sort of fusion between the famous Conquest and Breakthrough modes, capable of supporting up to 128 players.
  • The second, called Danger Zoneis a new mode defined by the developers “High risk”, where coordination between the various teams will be of fundamental importance.


As for the classes, Battlefield 2042 breaks what had become a tradition, bringing a breath of fresh air to the series. In fact in this new chapter it was decided to remove the system of predefined classes that has accompanied the Battlefield saga since its origins, in favor of a system that allows greater customization.

So the developers opted for a system of specialists which will not bind the player to have to use a certain type of weapon, because the creation of the classes will be completely free and what’s more it will be possible to modify its components directly in the game.

At the launch of the game there will be a total of 10 specialists, each of which will be able to take advantage of two unique abilities. However, only four have been revealed at the moment:

  • Webster Mackay: The first skill of this specialist, called Grapple, allows you to use a grapple that will automatically rewind once hooked to any surface, thus making the movements very fast. While Agilityhis secondary ability, will allow the player to move faster while aiming.
  • Maria Falck: His main skill, called Syrette gun, allows you to fire a syringe on allies to heal them, while if fired on opponents it inflicts damage. His passive ability on the other hand is Battle surgeonand allows the operator to revive allies.
  • Pyotr “Boris” Guskovsky: This specialist can take advantage of the Sentinel System SG-36 which attacks enemies in its range. Instead with skill Sentinel Operatorenemies that enter the machine’s range are spotted and marked on the map.
  • Wikus “Casper” Van Daele: The main skill OV-P Recon Drone, allows the specialist to use a drone capable of detecting nearby enemies and stunning them with EMP explosions. While with the passive ability Motion sensor the drone is able to identify nearby enemies both when in flight and when placed on the ground.

The other information released also includes the description of the mammoth maps present in the game, which you can find in our specific article.

In addition, a Closed Alpha has also been announced “Only intended for a limited number of Battlefield veterans”, and an Open Beta which can only be accessed by those who pre-order the game.

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