Battlefield 2042, the demo is coming?

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With the arrival of September, it seems that soon we will be able to try too Battlefield 2042 thanks to a phase of beta which is slowly popping up on the platforms.

The new shooter from DICE and EA has been the subject of numerous leaks during technical tests, with many users having published gameplay of the game on the network despite the non-confidentiality agreements.

Electronic Arts is also certainly wondering about a problem that risks becoming one of the major critical issues of the game, namely the presence of cheaters. There are several weeks left until the game’s launch, but some sites that resell in-game cheat services are in fact already in action.

In any case, the return of Battlefield may be closer than we think, as a new trial version of the game has been spotted on some platforms.

Yesterday, the dataminers got busy. The Twitter account PlayStation Game Sizeswhich previously had already anticipated the publication of some games and apps through the Sony console store, has in fact reported that the Beta version of Battlefield 2042 has been inserted into the databases of PS5 and PS4and although there is no information about the public release date of the beta, it seems that it is not long before publication.

The theory is also supported by the Windows Store. A few hours after the sighting on the PS Store, in fact, the insider Okami claimed to have found references to the beta of Battlefield 2042 also on the Microsoft store, in reference to the version for Xbox Series X | S and Xbox One.

The dates of the Beta were already leaked after the reveal of Battlefield 2042, but EA and DICE have never confirmed the leaks. The sighting on the PS Store and Windows Store could indicate that the leak was true.

In the meantime, we remind you that in September you can also try Call of Duty: Vanguard with a beta phase. Here you will find all the details.

Battlefield 2042 will be released on October 22, 2021 on PS4, Xbox One, PS5, Xbox Series X | S and PC.

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