Battlefield 6, here we are: EA releases the first official information, will be presented in the spring

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Tonight’s meeting with investors brought the hoped-for results: Electronic Arts released the first official information on Battlefield 6the next chapter in the famous shooter series.

It is certainly not the first time that we have heard of the new Battlefield, which in fact had been mentioned by EA on other occasions given the considerable importance of the franchise – even if analyst Michael Pachter says that the game could prove to be a not indifferent flop.

To date, however, we have not had any really official news, except that the intention of DICE, which will once again take care of Battlefield, was to launch the game by the end of 2021.

With the meeting for investors, however, solid certainties arrive as regards Battlefield 6and also about when we will finally see it in action.

EA has officially confirmed that Battlefield 6 – name still provisional, as we do not know if the game will actually be called that – will be launched in the Holiday Season 2021which means that it will be available sometime between October and December of this year, in line with the previous chapters of the franchise. Battlefield 6 will then clash with Call of Duty 2022to re-propose one of the most exciting rivalries of the last decade.

There are also some details, albeit rather vague, on what we can expect from the game. Battlefield 6 will bring a great war experience to the stage, designed to take the franchise to the next level and which will take full advantage of the power of the next generation consoles, namely PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X | S (and of course the PC too). On this, a discussion has already arisen among the community: EA has in fact made no mention of versions for PS4 and Xbox One, and there are those who are starting to think that the game will not be launched on the now old gen consoles.

Electronic Arts then confirms a rumor that emerged in recent weeks, namely that Battlefield 6 will have the highest number of users in a match ever. As mentioned, the information seems to indirectly confirm the rumors of the last few weeks, in which the insiders spoke of battles on a very large scale with 128-player games.

The appointment for the reveal of the game is set for spring. Between March and June, therefore, we will see the first sequences of the new Battlefield.

No mention regarding the historical setting, which according to some well-known insiders will be a sort of technological Third World War and which will bring the series back to the atmosphere of Battlefield 3, to which the new game could be strongly inspired.

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