Battlefield 6 Leak Avalanche: co-op campaign, 5-year support, free BR and cross-play

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From 4Chanwith a thread then repurposed on Redditan alleged developer of EA Vancouver proposes a avalanche of leaks on Battefield 6the new chapter of the shooter series that will arrive on the market later this year – in this regard, EA has postponed Need for Speed ​​to allow the conclusion of the works of Battlefield.

The alleged developer, who according to his statements is working on the PS4 and Xbox One versions of Battlefield 6revealed in a long post many details about the game, the possible setting of which emerged a few days ago.

According to the leak, the new chapter of Battlefield will be a real restart and departure point for the franchise, with DICE and EA intending to exploit the shooter for at least 4-5 years with a long-lasting and complex support. The game would also include a co-op campaign, one free battle royale mode and many other features, which we list below.

Before continuing, we obviously remind you that this is information not officially confirmed. The official reveal of the new Battlefield is scheduled for spring.

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The details of the Battlefield 6 leak

  • The developer claims to be an employee of EA Vancouver and to work on old-gen versions of Battlefield 6 (PS4 and Xbox One). The studio would be working on the (problematic) downport of the game, designed primarily for high-end PCs, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X | S.
  • It will be the reference of the Battlefield series for at least 4-5 years, because instead of creating new games the developers intend to update this. There is talk, in the leak, of possible future spin-offs, but this will remain the main chapter of reference. This is a very similar system to what 343 Industries intends to build for its Halo Infinite.
  • EA and DICE have learned a lot from the failure of Battlefield V, and this is one of the reasons why the developers want to bring the new game with a lot of content right from the launch.
  • The leak resumes the rumors that have already emerged in the past, that of a new game in the series that will re-propose a fictitious world war based on large and modern technologies such as AI, drones and robots.
  • The modalities currently present are:
    • Single player mode playable in co-op and designed for the cooperative experience (there will be AI-controlled partners in case the user decides to play alone). The leaker cites Bad Company 3 as a basic idea of ​​the experience, but not on the same theme.
    • Multiplayer that will return to its roots, doing without some innovations of Battlefield 1 and V that the community did not like
  • Destructibility of environments returns, but will not reach the levels of Battlefield: Bad Company 2
  • There will also be the now inevitable Battle Royale mode: will be integrated into the main game and will later be offered as a free option – likely as a standalone package, along the lines of Call of Duty: Warzone. In this mode there will be no destructibility of the environments.
  • Cross-play will only be available on current generation systems – PS5, Series X | S and PC. There is also talk of the possibility of using mouse and keyboard even on consoles, but by doing this matchmaking will bring together users who use the same peripherals.

The leaker then talks about the problems the studio is facing in porting the new Battlefield to PS4 and Xbox One, very limited and limiting machines compared to new generation consoles and PCs. Apparently, EA Vancouver is cutting a number of features in order to guarantee a 60fps (not fixed) framerate, but the resolution is currently locked at 720p, with rare 900p peaks in areas without too many effects. The quality standard, in any case, will probably be that of dynamic 720p 60fps.

What do you think of this information, still not confirmed or denied by EA?

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