Battlefield 6, revealed a location of the new game in the series?

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Waiting for official news that will surely arrive in the spring as promised by EA, it seems that one of the locations of the new Battlefield 6 has already been leaked thanks to the analysis of a particular video shared last year.

The youtuber DannyonPC recalled a video shared by Electronic Arts during EA Play 2020, the digital event that shows all the news of the American giant arriving over the following months and years. This video featured a 3D rendered character from a Battlefield tech demo, which presents a particular clue: GPS coordinateswhich until now no one had ever noticed.

The same GPS coordinates, which can be found in a Battlefield V Legendary Costume that can only be unlocked via a secret challenge to complete, point to a Central Asian country, most notably the Kazakhstan.

It goes without saying that speculations have already started abundantly, citing Kazakhstan as one of the locatons in which Battlefield 6 will be set. Kazakhstan as the main setting for the campaign and the great war between NATO and China.

For the moment these are only indiscretions, but we remind you that the reveal of Battlefield 6 is not far away, whose release is set for the end of the year. EA has no intention of missing the appointment with 2021, and has even postponed the next Need for Speed ​​to increase the workforce on the new game in the shooter series.

According to the most quoted rumors, Battlefield 6 – working title – will be set in the present day, and will be strongly inspired by Battlefield 3 of which it will be a sort of soft-reboot.

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