Battlefield 6, the new rumors seem to confirm the Battle Pass and the free battle royale

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It was early March when we reported an avalanche of leaks on Battlefield 6a new chapter in the Electronic Arts shooter series coming later this year.

Although we are still awaiting the official presentation of the game, which will arrive in the spring, the new Battlefield continues to be talked about, and the new rumors that have emerged in the last few hours seem to confirm in large part some of the information leaked previously.

According to the well-known insider Tom HendersonEA sent selected users a survey dedicated to the upcoming Battlefield, called provisionally Battlefield 6which contains some valuable information about the game.

The survey requires players to have a degree of interest in some potential Battlefield 6 features – the practice of surveys has long been in video games, and they are important tools for developers to understand audience demands. Not only that, because surveys are used to help publishers focus game marketing on the topics that interest the community most.

This survey, as often happens, does not directly confirm what the features and modes present in Battlefield 6 will be, however among its options we find elements that have already been debated in the past.

The survey mentions in fact a Battle Pass for the new Battlefieldbut also one compose free to play of the game, post-launch updates dedicated to maps and also weapons projectsin full Modern Warfare and Black Ops Cold War style from the Call of Duty series.

Regarding the free to play mode, it is natural that the thought goes to Battle Royale mode, repeatedly the subject of rumors when it comes to the new chapter of Battlefield. The Battle Royale would certainly not be new for the series, after the Firestorm variant of Battlefield V which, however, did not have the hoped-for success. EA and DICE may have decided, as the rumors of recent months suggested, to adopt a system similar to that of Activision, with a traditional “premium” (paid) game and a free Battle Royale mode for all playersexactly like the combination of Modern Warfare and Warzone last year.

The arrival of this free to play BR mode, which will support up to 128 playershowever, is scheduled for the beginning of 2022, therefore not in conjunction with the release of Battlefield 6.

What do you think of these rumors?

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