Bethesda games could remain exclusive to Microsoft and not arrive on PS5

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It seemed absurd until a few hours ago, but instead it’s all true: Bethesda is now part of Microsoft.

The news was given by Phil Spencer, head of the Xbox division, who welcomed the realization of an epochal acquisition with great enthusiasm. In reality, as suggested by some experts, the deal is not yet finalized, but there are few bureaucratic details that Redmond hopes to file between January and June 2021.

Many are now asking themselves a very important question: what will happen to Bethesda titles now?

In its rich array of IPs, Bethesda holds very important franchises such as Fallout, The Elder Scrolls, DOOM, Wolfenstein and Quake, as well as of course the video games made by Arkane Studios and other associated studios. Video games that have universally, for decades, landed, sometimes on several occasions, on many systems, from PlayStation to Nintendo. But now things are a little different.

Following the announcement, the first questions in this sense obviously arose: Will we see DOOM again on PlayStation and Switch? Will the next The Elder Scrolls 6 only be released on Xbox and PC?

Questions to which Spencer himself answered on Twitter, however remaining a bit vague. The head of the Xbox division has in fact left the door open to the possibility that Bethesda games (who apparently will remain the distributor) they will remain cross-platformbut he also specified that Microsoft will decide from time to time whether the new productions will be destined for competing platforms – from Sony and Nintendo, to understand each other.

Games like TES 6, Starfield and the hypothetical Fallout 5, therefore, will surely arrive on Xbox and PC, and the giant’s intention is to integrate the new titles on Xbox Game Pass from the day of launch. However, the situation regarding the other consoles has to be deciphered from time to time.

Regarding the upcoming video games, Spencer also spoke of the special cases of Deathloops And GhostWire Tokyothe productions of Arkane and Tango Gameworks for which Bethesda already has exclusive time agreements with Sony to make their debut on PlayStation 5. The head of Xbox said that the company intends to respect these agreements signed prior to the acquisitionas was also the case with Obsidian’s The Outer Worlds in development well before the studio was bought by Microsoft – the game was also released on PS4 and Switch.

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