Bethesda’s surprise: DOOM 3 VR Edition announced, coming to PS VR in March

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Surprise announcement with license plate Bethesdawhich officially unveils DOOM 3 VR Edition. As the name suggests, it will be a virtual reality version of DOOM 3, originally released in 2004, which will be available from March 29 on PlayStation VR.

Here are all the details from Bethesda’s press release, along with the announcement trailer below.

Get ready to exterminate demons in a whole new way with DOOM 3: VR Edition, coming to PlayStation VR on March 29. Don the armor of the DOOM Marine and make your way through the blood-soaked corridors of a UAC facility overrun by demonic armies.

The complete and improved DOOM 3 experience

Complete with base game and the two expansions (Resurrection of Evil and The Lost Mission), DOOM 3: VR Edition revives id Software’s classic horror shooter with PSVR technology. Uncover the truth behind UAC’s dark experiments, face demonic creatures in terrifying environments, and harness an arsenal of iconic weapons enhanced with new textures, graphics and sound effects as you try to survive the battle against the forces of Hell in over 15 hours of heart-pounding action.

Optimized for VR

Immerse yourself in terror even further with enhancements made for virtual reality, which include tracking of head movements to peek around corners, free aiming of torch-equipped weapons, 180 ° swirl functionality to neutralize demons that try to surprise you from behind and a wrist display to monitor the protagonist’s health, armor and ammunition. Coupled with the classic gameplay experience of the award-winning horror shooter, VR fans will be able to immerse themselves even more in the hellish atmosphere of DOOM 3: VR Edition.

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