Black Ops Cold War, a player reaches Prestige 1 without making a single kill

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Alongside feats of prowess, like the player who finished Demon’s Souls on PS5 without getting hit once, there are also undertakings made of dedication and commitment that we would dare to define as memorable.

The hero of the day, so to speak, is Pilgore1a user who on Reddit has decided today to share with the world the goal reached in the last hours after a tiring climb: it is the first player in the world to achieve Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Prestige 1 without taking a single kill.

As you certainly know, Call of Duty actively encourages its players to get as many kills as possible in the match, which in some modes is also the final victory of the match. At the end of this, a certain number of experience points are then assigned, counted based on the kills but also on the milestones and objectives completed during the game.

Well, as we have specified, the player managed to reach the first prestige of multiplayer of Black Ops Cold War, namely level 55without killing a single opposing player.

A company that, as the user told us also thanks to an image, has needed a lot 37 hours of gameplay – a number that, to be honest, is lower than we thought – during which he avoided accidentally making assists or kills during matches. The player’s only goal, by his own admission, was his own aim straight for match goalssuch as conquering bases in Dominion.

In fact, one of the most illuminating statistics of this feat is the win / loss rate, which is decidedly high for this player. In 37 hours, out of a total of 200 games, the V / S rate has in fact reached an altitude of 1.23, thus indicating that the number of victories obtained is greater than that of defeats – evidently also thanks to the dedication of the user who dedicated himself exclusively targets and not kills.

What else to say about this user, if not: congratulations on your patience. Your name is now written in the annals of Call of Duty history – albeit perhaps for the wrong reasons.

Getting prestige a different way. from blackopscoldwar

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