Black Ops Cold War – First teaser image for the new Zombies map, Richtofen back?

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Treyarch has promised interesting news for 115 Day (the day with which Call of Duty’s Zombies mode is traditionally celebrated, which falls on January 15), but for a few minutes it has already begun to tease fans waiting for news.

L’Black Ops Cold War mid-season update will be available in a few days, more precisely from January 14, and a new series of content will be introduced in the game including maps and even extra modes for Zombies. Find all the details here.

We do not know if Season 1 will be able to give us a new map for the mode dedicated to the undead, or if we will have to wait for the arrival of Season 2 scheduled for February. In any case, Treyarch has already begun to spread “top secret” material that takes us back to the Dark Aether Story that began with Die Maschine.

The software house of Santa Monica, through its social channels, has in fact published a new mysterious image that portrays an apparently new location – we do not have, at least at the moment, matches with known locations of the Zombies mode – and whose caption brings the players inside the Dark Aether Story:

Projekt Endstation was just the beginning.

As you may already know, Projekt Endstation is the secret project Samantha and Grigori refer to in the intro cutscene of Die Maschinea research facility near an old abandoned German facility – what we knew as Nacht der Untoten.

With this first image of the new Zombies maphowever, we can take a very quick and preliminary look at the setting.

At first glance, it seems that the new map will not be too large, and which will be set within a new research facility with a particular conformation. In the note at the top right, as you can see from the image, the mysterious author lets us know that in what appears to be a structure surmounted by a dome is the chamber of the Omega Portal, which holds connected the dimension with the Dark Ether.

There is also a probable reference to Samantha – in the note at the top left, the author speaks to a certain M., who could indicate Maxis – but the signature is the one that made many aficionados jump from their seats.

In fact, the author signs himself with a simple initial, the letter R.. According to the first theories that are already starting to circulate on Reddit and other forums, the author of the message would be none other than Edward Richtofenthe historical protagonist of the Zombies mode.

It is obviously still too early to say whether the theory will prove correct or not, however it would certainly not be a resounding surprise if Richtofen were to make his comeback. His historic voice actor, Nolan North, has already made it known that he will not return to Black Ops Cold War Zombies, but it is also true that the version of Richtofen who survives the events of Tag der Toten in Black Ops 4 and who flees the destruction of the multiverse together with Samantha – who we have already seen in Die Maschine – growing up she could have a tone of voice and a language very different from those we are used to.

It is highly probable that Treyarch will publish more material in the coming days ahead of the (alleged) official announcement of the map scheduled for January 15th. Of course we will keep you updated.

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