Black Ops Cold War – “New” Warzone, Price ’84 and Standoff map for Season 3!

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Activision, Treyarch And Raven have officially announced the details of the Call of Duty Season 3: Black Ops Cold War and Call of Duty: Warzonewhich will start on April 22.

Along with the numerous new content, there is also confirmation of the “new” map of the battle royale Warzone. You will soon understand why these quotes …

The update includes new multiplayer maps for Black Ops Cold War and news for the Epidemic mode, but also operators, the all-new Battle Pass, the Hunt for Adler event and much more.

Here are all the news of Season 3.

Hunt for Adler event

Starting with the launch of the third season, the new limited-time event “Hunt for Adler” will require operators unique gameplay challenges both in the Black Ops Cold War than in Warzone to find out where Adler is. Complete these Intel Challenges to unlock event rewards, including weapon charms, business cards, a new operator skin, and more.

New operators

  • Wraith (in launch week)
  • Knight (during the season)
  • Antonov (during the season)
  • Price ’84 (available to all owners of Black Ops Cold War) – This is the mythical character of the Modern Warfare saga, who is thrown into the mix of the operators of BOCD and Warzone in its 1984 version.

New weapons

  • PPSh-41 (submachine gun) (launch week) – Available for free in Black Ops Cold War and Warzone upon reaching level 15 of the Season 3 Battle Pass.
  • Swiss K-31 (sniper rifle) (launch week)
  • Ballistic knife (launch week)
  • CARV.2 (tactical rifle) (during the season)
  • AMP63 (pistol) (during the season)
  • baseball bat (during the season)

New Black Ops Cold War multiplayer maps

Yamantau (6v6, launch week)

Bury your enemies under an avalanche of firepower as you fight among the crumbling remains of the Soviet observatory on Mount Yamantau. Battle a huge downed satellite dish, snowy interiors and broken walkways, and quickly zip up and over your enemies to get the jump on the competition.

Diesel (6v6 / 2v2 / 3v3, launch week)

In the lonely desert, this slice of Americana explodes on a battlefield. Get ready for 6v6, as well as 2v2 and 3v3 in Gunfight on this fast-paced, fast-paced map. Fight around the gas station and surrounding buildings, in the middle of the badlands. Get ready to fry.

Standoff (6v6, during the season)

This Black Ops II classic is an icon for both fans and professionals alike, and will arrive in Black Ops Cold War in Season 3. Compete in 6v6 on this medium-sized map, which offers a timeless three-lane atmosphere and plenty of opportunities to outsmart your opponents. Look at those buildings and watch out for the van near the hay bales.

Duga (multi-team, during the season)

Deploy with your team in the Urals in this new and expansive multi-team environment. Duga offers something for every style of play, whether you prefer to move through the central administration offices for close range battles, or move around the perimeter through the bus depot to the chemical processing plant for long range battles. . If you can’t immediately decide where to take your skills, try making your way to the top of the array tower for fantastic views before parachuting to your favorite destination.

Stone Age mode

Yes, the hugely popular Multiplayer mode is back for Black Ops Cold War, continuing the ancient tradition of Treyarch’s party mode.

He is each operator for himself, with each player deploying the R1 Shadowhunter crossbow, ballistic knife, and a Tomahawk. Score with crossbow and ballistic knife kills and take out enemies with the Tomahawk to bring their score to zero. The first player to reach the score limit or the player with the highest score when time runs out wins.

Multi-Team Elimination Mode (During the Season)

The upcoming Multi-Team Elimination mode brings the experience of the last remaining team to the larger maps of Black Ops Cold War, where more teams of four will fight to survive in ever-expanding radiation zones. Redeployments will be limited and equipment will be limited, so teams will have to look for weapons, Scorestreaks, armor, redeployment tickets, and more. It emerges as the last team standing or the first team to board the exfiltration helicopter in the final safe zone to achieve victory.

New equipment

  • Scorestreak Strafe Run (at launch)
  • Cargo Truck Vehicle (at launch)

News for Epidemic and Zombies

New Toxic Growth upgrade

Mother Nature contrasts with this new field update in the Round and Outbreak maps, guaranteed to slow down the masses of the undead. Using the Aether Crystals, Requiem’s ​​R&D team developed Toxic Growth, an activatable field augment that conjures a deadly growth of toxic spines in front of an operator.

Enemies moving through it have their movement speed reduced by half and take toxic damage until they leave the affected area. Through the use of Aether Crystals, Operators can upgrade Toxic Growth to give it more stacks, double its damage, and even detonate enemies that die from growth!

New Outbreak Region: Duga (at launch)

Dark Aether’s story peaks in Season 3 as Requiem expands its operations in Russia. Keep the hordes at bay as you and your squad battle through the huge new Duga region set in the Ural Mountains, filled with new documents, audio logs, radio broadcasts and artifacts hidden throughout the Outbreak Zone. Uncover new secrets of the dark ether as the stage is set for events yet to come …

New events are also reported for Epidemic, which will start as early as the launch week of Season 3.

New Carnage content (PlayStation) (at launch)

PlayStation players can challenge the undead to earn bronze, silver and gold goblets in Onslaught on the new Yamantau map at launch and in Standoff mid-season. Also look for a new limited-time mode in Onslaught later in Season 3.

Call of Duty: Warzone news

In the roadmap of Season 3, the rumor that has been circulating for several weeks now is also indirectly confirmed, and that is that with the launch of the new season we will have a substantial update of the Warzone map. In all likelihood, Verdansk will transform into its 80s version between 21 and 22 April, to then follow the story and events of Black Ops Cold War.

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