Black Ops Cold War, new Zombies teaser: will the second map be a remake of Der Eisendrache?

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New teaser images for the second map of Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Zombies modeand immediately fan theories invade the web.

Treyarch has recently published new teaser images for the second map of Zombies mode, whose release date is still undefined. The software house promised a surprise on the occasion of January 15, the 115 Day in which Zombies mode is historically celebrated, but we still don’t know what kind of surprise it will be.

After yesterday’s first image, here are some brand new posts that have already given birth to many theories.

The most interesting is certainly the image that comes from Twitter, in which R (perhaps Richtofen?) text M (probably Samantha Maxis) with a photo of Dr. Peck’s headquarters in the mysterious Outpost 25a name that according to some could be the one chosen for the new map.

The image you see below has a particular detail that immediately gave rise to an interesting fan theory.

The most avid Zombies fans may have already figured out what the clue is: in the photo we see a particular canopy bed, with ornaments with a very characteristic shape. Well, these are the same ornaments as the four-poster bed in Samantha Maxis’ room that was located at the Eagle’s Nest, a Group 935 research station in Austria that forms the backdrop to the Der Eisendrache map of Black Ops III.

From the first considerations of the community, the new Zombies map it could therefore be a remake of the much appreciated Der Eisendrache, one of the most iconic settings in the history of the series. Of course, as we have mentioned several times, these are currently only theories.

Treyarch, however, did not limit itself to a single image, and instead posted two more between Facebook and Instagram. The two images, which you can see below, obviously refer to the new zombies map, but we can observe new areas compared to what we saw in the image a little while ago.

In the first, we observe a room with a projector turned on and which seems to show the slide (or a movie) of something related to the Dark Ether, as indeed the caption left by the usual mysterious R.

The second image, which comes from Instagram instead, shows what is called in the caption Radio Roomand, at the moment, does not seem to give particular clues.

You can find the pictures below. We also remind you that, most likely, Treyarch will publish material also tomorrow evening pending the mysterious announcement of January 15th.

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