Black Ops Cold War, user completes Die Maschine easter egg by playing a piano

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While the fans wait to be able to try Firebase Zthe new Zombies map of Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War which will be available from Thursday 4th February along with other news, here comes a decidedly curious enterprise based on… musical notes.

Gamers are certainly not new to very particular feats, between users who use platforms to complete Dark Souls to crazy streamers who triumph in the Warzone Gulag by moving the soldier with a recorder. The story that we report today is also focused on music, but it is something different.

The user grooviehoovie posted on Reddit a clip that testifies to his feat: he managed to complete the easter egg of Die Maschine using a piano!

The player in question, who evidently had nothing better to do, decided to complete the main mission of the Zombies map on Black Ops Cold War in a decidedly unconventional way. Using a piano, whose musical notes indicate a different command that the character performs on the screen, the user was in fact able to complete the final confrontation in the particle accelerator and the consequent escape by helicopter from the site of the Endstation Project.

The result, almost hilarious if you look at his very little dynamic movements, is below. Amazing how every day players manage to surprise us with crazy feats of this kind. What will happen next time? The bets are already open.

I finally beat the entire Die Maschine Easter Egg with a Piano… heres my reaction from CODZombies

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