Black Ops Cold War & Warzone, here is the start date and time of Season 5

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If you are wondering when Season 5 starts Of Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War And Call of Duty: Warzoneyou are in the right place.

In the past week, Treyarch and Raven have released all the details concerning Season 5 of the two Call of Duty shooters, which will be enriched with many new contents.

Black Ops Cold War, for example, will see the introduction of new perks for the Zombies mode directly from Black Ops 4 and will bring back the Slums map from Black Ops II for the multiplayer sector. Among the most curious news we also point out the mode Infiltratedwhich has several similarities with Among Us.

On Warzone instead, new perks are coming, but above all a new timed event called The Numbers which according to many will be the appetizerannouncement of the next chapter in the seriesjust like last year around this time.

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Treyarch and Raven then released information regarding the timeand of course also the dateOf start of Season 5 on the two titles. As you know, the update will take effect at different times between the two games.

So here’s everything you need to know if you’re looking forward to the start of the new Call of Duty seasonal event:

  • The Season 5 update of Black Ops Cold War will become active on August 10 at 9pm PT (6am in Italy on August 11)
  • The Season 5 update of Warzone will become active on August 11 at 9pm PT (6am in Italy on August 12)

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