Black Ops Cold War Zombies – New Treyarch Teaser, Is Pain Coming Back?

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Comes a new teaser from Treyarch ahead of Firebase Zthe new Zombies mode map of Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War which could also see the return of a popular variant that has been missing on games in the series since Black Ops II.

Thursday 4th February will be an important day for the community of Black Ops Cold War Zombieswho will finally be able to try the new experience Firebase Z. After Die Maschine, available from the launch of the game, the Dark Aether Story is therefore preparing to welcome its second chapter, in which we will be called to carry out a dangerous mission in Vietnam.

For more details on the map and the return of Tombstone Soda, we refer you to our article.

But if we have not misunderstood the latest Treyarch teasers, Firebase Z may not be the only news coming this week for lovers of Zombies mode.

A few minutes ago, Treyarch released two new Zombies teaser posters (you can find them a little further down), which do not seem to have a particularly direct link with Firebase Z but instead refer to the two great organizations that are clashing in the Dark Aether Story, namely the Omega Group And Requiem.

The two posters, which show three (anonymous) members of the two groups in each image, are accompanied by a short but meaningful caption:

Only one can win.

As many fans on Twitter and Reddit have pointed out, the seemingly harmless posters may be hiding a different meaning, most notably the return of a beloved Zombies variant that players have been clamoring for many years: Pain mode.

It is certainly not the first time we hear about a return of Pain to Black Ops Cold War Zombies – an insider suggested it a few weeks ago, and the Treyarch game leaks have all been confirmed so far, so… – and these two images posted by Treyarch could indicate that very little is missing for the arrival of the mode.

For the uninitiated, the Pain mode, or Grief, of Black Ops II was present in the maps of the City and the Farm (then also revived on Mob of the Dead and Buried in the following months), and saw two teams composed of 4 players each who survived endless hordes of zombies, trying to damage the opposing team with the aim, of course, of staying up as long as possible.

We just have to wait for the few days that separate us from the new Black Ops Cold War update, to know if the theories will prove to be correct.

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