Black Ops Cold War Zombies, the first official trailer could arrive tomorrow!

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After the gigantic leak, which we reported to you this morning, it seems that we are really close to the first reveal trailer from the Zombies mode Of Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War.

Activision has sent another set of mystery boxes to some influencers around the world, as already happened shortly before the reveal of Black Ops Cold War. The boxes have been open for a few minutes, and this time the theme seems to be the modality Zombies.

Once again, the mysterious chests contained clues and secrets to be deciphered, which brought users and influencers to the site PawnTakesPawn (already used by Treyarch for the initial promotion of Black Ops Cold War) in a specific page, with URL /wavesofattack, which refers to tomorrow’s day. On September 23, at 18:00 Italian time, to be more precise. The moment in which, hypothetically, we will have the first trailer of the Zombies mode.

We have already had a first taste of the Zombies mode with the teaser a few days ago, but this time we obviously expect something much more substantial.

There is also another possibility, of course, and that is that Treyarch has decided to run a promotional campaign similar to that of the game. It is therefore possible that, more than a trailer, tomorrow we will have further clues on the Zombies mode, pending the reveal set perhaps for the next few weeks.

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