Bloober Team: “We want to become one of the best horror game studios”

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Bloober Team is currently under the eyes of the world for the new Layers of Fear and the Silent Hill 2 remake, a title originally created by Team Silent, of which it has inherited several exponents. In the last few hours, however, the software house has also talked about its internal reorganization, and it seems that the direction taken by the studio is quite clear and ambitious.

By means of the words of CEO Piotr Babienowho recently held an interview for a Polish newspaper, it seems that Bloober Team intends to reach levels of excellence as a quality of development. Here is a small excerpt of what the executive said:

We can assume that the target of 10 million copies sold for our titles will soon become a goal within our reach. To be the best horror company we need to focus on more publishing activity and have a game release every year and a half, two years. That is why the second pillar of Bloober’s strategy is based on cooperation with strategic partners. We want our titles to become not only cornerstones for the genre in the future, but also for the entire industry. Our goal is to get to where Naughty Dog or Ninja Theory is.

What can I say, certainly important and demanding statements, but it seems that the CEO of the Krakow-based studio has a very clear roadmap in mind. According to what subsequently emerged, it seems that the “deadline” of this ambition is 2027so in a few years.

This desire for competition will certainly do good for players and lovers of the horror genre, so there is nothing left for us to do but wait confidently for new updates in this regard, perhaps starting from the release date of the Silent Hill 2 remake.

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