Bomb announcement! Square Enix unveils Guardians of the Galaxy

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The conference Square Enix opens the dance with an incredible announcement: Guardians of the Galaxy is the new title of the manufacturer, inspired by the well-known series of films and comics branded Marvel.

The game is expected to be released on October 26, 2021on all current consoles and on PC, and is already bookable right now.

Subsequently, another video taken directly from the gameplay: in particular, there is a series of dialogues (to be chosen from various options) between the guardians and a portion of the game directly on the field, including short combat and exploration sessions.

From the gameplay we can see the possibility of change character at will and several special abilities, as well as an apparently very vast world that suggests the presence of secondary missions.

Let’s talk about a game that develops only in Single Player, i.e. no multiplayer compartments or extra DLC; the only clue to the story is the fact that it is set a few years after the founding of the Guardians by Peter Quill.

We will keep you informed for more information, in the meantime we leave you at the first official trailer.

Here is the exclusive gameplay trailer.


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