Bully 2 still leaks, but the game would have been canceled by Rockstar by now

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About three months ago, at the end of December, we went back to talking about Bully IIthe mythological sequel to Canis Canem Edit (also known as Bully) which according to various insiders would have been in development for a long time before being sacrificed for GTA Online, Red Dead Redemption II and GTA 6. In short, the extraordinary success of the latest games by Rockstar Games could be the main cause of Bully II’s untimely demise.

From the pages of Reddit, it comes forward today a new leak full of information on Bully 2obviously not officially confirmed but provided by an insider who has already made himself known in the past for his predictions on Rockstar games.

Let’s see this information together, which, we warn you, will remind you of the glorious past in Bully’s academy.

Bully 2 leaks

According to the anonymous source, the sequel would have replaced the protagonist Jimmy Hopkins with a new 16-year-old character named Alex DeAngelo. It seems that in the first draft of the game, Rockstar Games had thought of continuing the school life of Jimmy, already protagonist of the first title, only to think again. We can therefore think that the software house would have continued in the “anthological tradition” of its titles, which are connected to each other but which often feature different characters and locations.

In this regard, it seems that the sequel would have been set in the imaginary Springvale County, inspired by both the greater area of ​​New England and Rhode Island, with the aim of recreating the atmosphere of a small American town – a bit like the Bully’s first title. To achieve this, the map would have been much denser and richer in content than the original and would have been made up of explorable forests, commercial areas and suburbs.

To visit the city, the means available would have been various: bicycles, mopeds and skateboards are mentioned. Speaking of skates, it seems that these would have had a lot of space for customization and the ability to perform numerous stunts.

Furthermore, the story would have been quite different from what we experienced in the first (and only so far) game of Bully. The leaker claims that Alex, the protagonist, was thought of as a rebellious student who is expelled from Bullworth Academy after someone framed him by putting drugs in his locker, and forcing him to go home to his father, called a slacker, and older brother. .

Among the leaked details, there is also talk of the expansion of the interaction with non-playable characters, greatly improved. NPCs would have had their own personality profiles and routines, which would also have been determined by how they are treated by the player and how they have been treated in the past. Basically, NPCs who would remember everything.

The leaker also claims that Bully II would have taken a cue from Fallout: New Vegas for a reputation system, in which multiple factions outside the main story could be helped or satisfied in such a way as to forge relationships and friendships. This would then also have an impact on the city and on dynamic events.

Of course, this information is not confirmed by Rockstar Games. The leaker, in any case, remembers once again the detail that should not be underestimated and which unfortunately tastes like a sentence: Bully 2 has not come out and will probably never come out.

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