Call of Duty 2021, check a first release date and new rumors on the development

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Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War has yet to be 2 months old, but, as usual, January always brings with it the first rumors around the next chapter of the series. It’s time to talk about Call of Duty 2021.

The insider Tom Hendersonrepeatedly proven reliable in the past – he was one of the first to give the news on Modern Warfare 2 Campaign Remastered, and anticipated the return of Alcatraz to Call of Duty: Warzone – has spread what are in effect the new rumors regarding the next installment in the Call of Duty series.

Of course, before analyzing the rumors, we remind you that this is unofficial information, and therefore could be false. In the past, however, this insider has proved to be reliable, and therefore the information arriving from its social networks has a certain appeal.

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Henderson has published what we could call the timeline of the main series of Call of Duty last year – we therefore exclude the spin-offs COD Mobile and COD Warzone (you have read the heavy statements of a pro player who has “dismantled” the game by calling it how not competitive?).

From this timeline, it seems evident that the insider confirms what was rumored on multiple occasions last year: the development of Black Ops Cold War, by Treyarch and Raven, started in May 2019, and therefore the software. house in Santa Monica only had a little over a year to develop the game from scratch released a few months ago. This could be an explanation, as we already knew from the famous Kotaku reports of summer 2019, to the various problems that afflict the game, with bugs already reported on Black Ops 4 and which are present again.

The insider then reports that in September 2020 Infinity Ward, concluded support for Modern Warfare, has kicked off work on the game which, presumably, will be released in 2022. At the moment, therefore, Infinity Ward is “out of the game”.

The most important confirmation concerns Call of Duty 2021, and in particular Sledgehammer Games. According to the insider, Sledgehammer Games will be in charge of the development of the new chapter of the series, which has been hypothesized for many months already. The software house, which took care of Advanced Warfare and Call of Duty: WWII, would have started work on the game in August 2019, and according to the rumors it could be the first Call of Duty entirely free to play for consoles and PC . Just a few days ago, moreover, Slegdehammer Games announced that it has hired many new developers during 2020, and that it is working on more projects.

In the timeline proposed by the insider, the alleged release date of Call of Duty 2021 (title obviously not definitive): November 12, 2021.

However, no information regarding the possible setting or the theme of the game – some rumors of the past few weeks suggested the possibility of a Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare 2but the track cooled very quickly.

What do you think? Would you be happy to see Sledgehammer Games working on Call of Duty again? And which game in the series would you like to see in the fall of 2021?

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