Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War side quests will have puzzles to unlock more content

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As we already know since the reveal of Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold Warthe single player campaign of the new game by Treyarch and Raven will feature some side missions.

Players can unlock and obtain these side quests as they continue to progress and play through the campaign. The campaign has more choices for players than ever before in Call of Duty, with players choosing their characters and even setting their story for the multi-ending story. In the last few hours, however, curious details have arrived.

Before we dive into the topic at hand, below you can find all the latest details on Black Ops Cold War, including the first information on the Zombies mode.

Returning to the single player campaign topic, Dan Vodrak of Raven got to discuss, speaking to Playstation Magazineof a detail up to now never discussed: side missions will have an extra layer of depthwhich will expand their structure.

Vondrak says that, in line with the famous video games of the 80s – Black Ops Cold War is set in that period – we will find some puzzles that can be solved in each of the side missions and which will allow players to unlock further side missions.

People thought I was crazy when I suggested 80’s style puzzle games. You’ll need to use the trials to solve these puzzles and this will unlock a different part of the side mission, so we wanted to throw a throwback to the 80s here too.

Vondrak also says that the Black Ops Cold War campaign is going “breaking out of the normal traditional structure of Call of Duty”which in fact has always distinguished the campaigns created by Treyarch over the years.

Miles Leslie, from Treyarch, even mentioned RPGs when talking about this single player campaign, which will give players a lot of variety:

This culmination of ideas and experiences is crystallized and harnessed in Black Ops Cold War. Then you have some RPG and some action. We’re adding all the experience ingredients into the cake and what comes out of the oven is Black Ops Cold War, which will hopefully be super tasty.

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