Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War, the details of the new content of Season 1

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Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Season 1 heralds the biggest year of Black Ops with an even richer roadmap of new content.

Today comes a major new update for Black Ops Cold War and Warzone, with additional weapons to unlock expected for this week and a deadly new operator for the next. Black Ops Cold War also expands today with new multiplayer and Zombies modes, including Espionage and Frenzy. A new 40-player map and other multiplayer modes will also arrive later.

And that’s not all. On February 4th, get ready to discover the shocking new chapter of the Dark Aether story in Zombies and revisit a hugely popular competitive map from Black Ops II in multiplayer. In addition, new bundles will be available from the beginning of the month to celebrate the holidays of the period.

Do you want to better frame the target? We have thought of everything.

New weapons

Wakizashi (available)

This self-defense weapon, a complement to the samurai katana, is forged using two types of steel with a traditional technique that makes it light and resistant.

The Wakizashi offers a slightly higher range than the normal knife at the expense of speed, offering the possibility of adopting new strategies for those who love melee weapons.

Like the Cleaner Shotgun, the Wakizashi can be unlocked via an in-game challenge and gain new camouflages and XP as you level up. Also available today is a blueprint of the same weapon class in the brand new “Disowned Assassin” bundle.

Operator Zeyna joins the clash on January 21

NATO’s ranks expand with another lethal operator, Zeyna Ossou, who after the last sighting with Bulldozer and Russell Adler at The Pines to neutralize Stitch will be able to return to action next week.

This Senegalese-born operator is a DGSE mobility and heavy weapons specialist with an innate passion for engines. Raised in her father’s garage, a rally driver, she jokingly claims to have gasoline in her veins. Zeyna loves risk and is something of an unknown in covert operations, but her colleagues trust her abilities completely.

Get Zeyna for Black Ops Cold War and Warzone as part of a bundle that will be available in the store later in Season 1.

Two multiplayer maps

Sanatorium (available)

Ten squads of four each compete for targets and vehicles across the Ural Plains by land, sea and air.

In the Urals lies an experimental refuge, which NATO forces clandestinely investigated in September 1984. The low tree-lined hills provide shelter from which to view the main circular structure, a huge “hotel” flanked by lake structures and a large pier. wood.

Notes found within the complex indicate links to the U-23 State Sanatorium and speak of an air conditioning project known as Project Golova.

Express (6v6) (February 4)

Express, the popular 6v6 map returning from Call of Duty: Black Ops II, will arrive on February 4 in the multiplayer of Black Ops Cold War, allowing you to relive many historical moments of Call of Duty in its hi-tech train station.

Express, whose shape resembles a U, includes two tracks around the main hall of the hub. The map will give life to a lot of close combat in the room, but the glass ceiling leaves you vulnerable to the series of points.

Long distance battles can take place across the tracks, especially from the suspended walkways on either side of the map. There are also great locations to watch one of the high-speed trains whiz past the station onto one of the platforms and overwhelm less attentive operators.

Multiplayer mode

Black Ops Cold War multiplayer will add more modes over the course of Season 1 and follow up on the fast-paced 3v3 Face-to-face experience.

Espionage (available)

This fast-paced game with a nuclear hot potato sees two teams contending for control of an extremely important briefcase. The round begins with a race between the two teams to grab the briefcase. Whoever collects the briefcase is automatically equipped with a powerful pistol, but it is the rest of the team who are supposed to protect whoever carries it. The team with the briefcase also gains access to launch codes and their score steadily increases.

Anyone who dies while his team is in control of the briefcase will not be able to re-enter the game until the wearer is eliminated and the briefcase left. The team that doesn’t have the briefcase must find it and retrieve it before it’s too late. When a team reaches the score limit by checking the briefcase, the orders for the nuclear launch are confirmed and the team wins… extremely explosively! Victory goes to the first team to reach 200 points.

Moshpit Snipers only (during the season)

Get ready, snipers. Later in Season 1, Treyarch will bring Moshpit Snipers Only mode to Black Ops Cold War, where two six-member squads will face off in Squad Deathmatch and Domination with sniper rifles only. Tactical and lethal gear, as well as scoring streaks (such as War Machine), will be banned in this marksman-only clash.

Stamina mode (during the season)

After this season’s tactical pairs variant, Black Ops Cold War’s busier mode is about to take the 10-team gameplay experience to a whole new level.

In the upcoming Resistance variant, 10 squads of four members each launch into Alpine, Ruka, and Sanatorium to retrieve uranium and arm bombs throughout the match. Each detonated bomb is replaced by another. The bombs in play therefore always remain five and during the game they are not eliminated until only one is left in the field. This adds a new strategic dimension and keeps the action alive in this already intense 40-player battle.

The score cap will also be doubled from 500 to 1,000, making Stamina Mode perfect for completing MG Challenges. Take on the game’s most elaborate maps in a whole new way with your team.

Face to Face 3v3 continues

This fast-paced, small-team mode continues into Season 1. Get ready to dominate with your trio in respawning mode across four fast-paced Black Ops Cold War maps.

If you haven’t tried it yet, the Face Off playlist includes 3v3 Team Deathmatch, Kill Confirmed and Domination modes on the latest Clash maps: Game Show, ICBM, U-Bahn and KGB.

Great for completing challenges or as a warm-up before larger modes, Face Off will be available later in Season 1 even after this week.

Zombies Updates

The Dark Aether story continues in February, with a new Black Ops Cold War Zombies map coming sooner than you might have thought.

But first, get ready to fight for survival in Frenzy, survive Carnage Raid (PlayStation * exclusive), and welcome new community members during Zombies Early Access Week.

New mode: Frenzy (available)

Today “Die Maschine” is enriched with a new limited-time mode, in every sense.

In Frenzy you need to keep an eye on the countdown, but also the zombies to kill: if too much time goes by without you killing an undead, you will explode! There’s no time to waste – your survival depends on frenzied eliminations, and the only respite is the Frenzy boost timer, which will only give you a few moments to catch your breath before the onslaught resumes.

New Carnage maps (PlayStation exclusive *): Raid (available) and Express (February 4)

Requiem members on PlayStation can now take on a new challenge on the legendary Raid multiplayer map. On February 4, Express will also be added to the list of maps, making its debut in Carnage.

Aim for Gold by keeping pace with the Dark Aether Orb, which travels to different areas of the Los Angeles mansion in Raid as the zombie horde grows stronger and stronger. Earn Bronze, Silver, and Gold placements by destroying enough elites to unlock exclusive rewards *. Along the way you may also discover some information about the dark ether …

Free access week until January 21st

Want to experience the intense Zombie action, but don’t own Black Ops Cold War yet? For the first time in Call of Duty history, Treyarch’s legendary Zombies mode will be available with a free access week running from today to January 21st.

New Zombies Map: Firebase Z (February 4)

After the destruction of the “Projekt Endstation” area following the investigation of the dark ether anomaly in Poland, the Requiem intervention team led by Grigori Weaver moves on to the next outbreak area, called “Firebase Z”.

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